Bishop Lance Davis and the New Zion Covenant family are fearlessly forging ahead with the necessary power and anointing to be a positive agent of change. Because we are a church that is Principled and Purposeful, we look forward to being a mechanism by which others are encouraged to do the same.

Bishop Lance Davis in his quest to fulfill his calling in ministry journeyed to the continent of Africa on a Hajj (pilgrimage experience). On this 10-day excursion, he received the answer to many questions and these two in particular, “What if the church, in its current state, is wrong?” and “What if the people of God have fallen into a state of lethargy and are not serving God but are really self-serving?”

As Bishop Davis received the answers to these difficult questions, he also received his Apostolic calling and is subsequently answering the call as overseer of New Zion Covenant (formerly known as New Zion Christian Fellowship) and New Zion Ministries.

The first meeting of New Zion was held at the home of Bishop Lance and Dr. Kara Davis and was attended by over 60 people. At first glance, it appeared as though a space to accommodate about 30-40 people would be sufficient. After this first meeting, it was clear this would not be the case. Bishop and Dr. Davis searched with great effort for the location and came across the Dolton Expo Center of which we would lease until we found “the location”.

Well, here we are 15 years later and the “Center” has evolved and become “the location”. Come and see what the Lord has allowed us to build.